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List of female Egyptian names. AMENIRITIS, the sister of Shabaka king of Egypt. AMENMEIT, a priestess ARSINOE, the sister of Queen Cleopatra. AS, Isis. Find and save ideas about Egyptian queen names on Pinterest. | See more about Egyptian goddess names, Queen nefertiti and Isis goddess. Many people can name Nefertiti and Cleopatra as ruling queens of Egypt from the past, but in fact, there are several more that deserve mention along the. A son of Nefermaat , the eldest son of pharaoh Sneferu , and of Itet. Cleopatra VII was the last Queen of Egypt and the last pharaoh. An Egyptian queen, the mother of King Taharqa and probably the wife of King Piye. He was a son of Ptolemy XII and succeeded his father in 51 BC as co-ruler with his wife and older sister Cleopatra VII. The daughter of the Greek Cyrenaean King Battus III and his wife Queen Pheretima. He was defeated in BC by a Persian army led by Megabyzus. Magas managed to maintain Cyrene's independence until his death. name of egyptian queen He was the son of Ahmose I and queen Ahmose-Nefertari. Intef I Motocross videos kostenlos was local Egyptian ruler at Thebes, Egypt. Served as m-r-pr "majordomus" under Mentuhotep II and Mentuhotep III. Also known as Hordjedef. His name is also written as Antef VIII. Also known as Yuput II. Djedefre was the first king to use the title Son of Ra, which is seen as an indication of the growing popularity of the cult of the solar god Ra. Queen Nefertiti Egyptian Beauty Egyptian Art Ancient History Ancient Egypt Greek History Civilization The Queen Beautiful One Forward. A son of Shabaka and High priest from the time of Tanutamani. Served during the reigns of his father Pharaoh Shoshenq I and his brother Osorkon I. The son of Pharaoh Thutmose IV. List of Egyptian Dynasties. Ptolemy of Mauretania or Ptolemaeus.

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Top 10 Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Following the collapse of the Assyrian Empire, the Babylonians under Nebuchadrezzar II fought the armies of Pharaoh Necho II. Illustrated Papyri translations edited for the modern reader. Also called Djehuty Sekhemresementawy or Thuty. He is best known under the name of Ankh-af-na-khonsu, and as the dedicant of the so-called Stela of Revealing. The roughly 3,year-old statue was well-preserved. She married Ptolemy around BC and was the mother of Ptolemy Keraunos , Meleager , Ptolemais and Lysandra. She used her bloodline and concocted a story about being co-regent with her father, Thutmose I. Vizier under king Ramesses IXordered and spiele fußball investigation about some royal tomb robberies. Having multiple wives and concubines enabled the pharaohs to establish their dynasty and ensure the line of succession. Outline Index Major topics Glossary of artifacts. Son of Amenhotep III and Queen Tiye. But the Alexandrians chose Ptolemy VIII as king.